Rocking Chairs for Seniors: What Type of Care Do They Require?

Rocking Chairs for Seniors: What Type of Care Do They Require?

For many people, a rocking chair is associated with home comfort. This piece of furniture helps to relax, and, in addition, has a positive effect on the health of an elderly person. A rocking chair for the elderly can be installed near the fireplace in the living room to spend evenings warming by the fire, or, in the warmer months, taken out on the terrace to enjoy the fresh air. Tips to Take the Proper Care of Your Rocking Chair:

Care mainly depends on what material was used to make the rocking chair as well as the seat frame. There is only one universal rule – it is important to remove dust and dirt from the product in a timely manner. However, in no case should you use chemicals that are likely to damage almost any material. Seats and back, made of cloth, suede, leather can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or wash. To remove more serious dirt, it can be necessary to use a soap. In order to remove stains:

Take two rags.

One of them soap and rub the polluted area.

Wet and wash it with a soap solution.

Rattan chairs do not require any special care. However, it is worth remembering that this furniture loves moisture, if it is constantly dried out, it can crack. The main rule in care will be regular wiping of the rocking chair with a damp cloth, and the dust will be removed and, at the same time, the rattan will be moistened. Such products should not be used near fireplaces or other sources of heat. If, however, an elderly person has a desire to sit in a rocking chair by the fireplace on a cold winter evening, then it is worthwhile to precoat the chair with an additional layer of heat-resistant varnish.

Wooden chairs require the same care as rattan ones. Only to moisturize them is not necessary.

Care of rocking chairs on a metal frame is quite simple, it is enough to wipe them from dust. The main thing is not to use abrasives, as they can damage the protective layer or the surface of the product, this is especially true for stainless steel frames. If you intend to purchase a rocking chair that is made of exotic material, then the rules of care should be clarified immediately before making your purchase. About Medicare Supplements: Medicare advantage plans from United Healthcare can assist seniors in covering additional healthcare expenses for instance co-insurance, deductible, etc.