How to Choose the Right Rocking Chair for the Elderly?

How to Choose the Right Rocking Chair for the Elderly?

Before acquiring a particular rocking chair for an elderly person, it should be assessed based not only on the appearance of the product but also on some of its other qualities. The following criteria should be considered as reference points when purchasing:

Weight and height of an elderly person who will use the chair.


Softness or hardness

First of all, you need to check how comfortable the rocking chair is for an elderly person. The softness of the seat is essential – both too soft and too hard can be inconvenient in use. It is very simple to estimate the comfort of the chosen model – it is enough just to sit and swing in the chosen chair right in the store. If you choose a woven model, be sure to inspect it for integrity. If the rocking chair makes a slight creak, this is quite acceptable. The reason is the novelty of the lacquer coating.

When choosing a rocking chair, be sure to consider the height and weight of an elderly person who will use it. Some models are designed for a maximum weight of 90 kg, while others can withstand loads of up to 200 kg. If you do not want the chair to collapse under the weight for which it was not originally intended, then pay close attention to this characteristic. This also applies to the size of the chair. The material used for the manufacturing of the rocking chair as well as the place where the elderly person will use it is also of great importance. Some models can be used in country houses, leaving them on the street, others can be operated exclusively at home.

Rattan Chair:

The homeland of rattan is Indonesia, the weather conditions of which make it resistant to heat and moisture, but the strength of the product is not so high, it is designed for people weighing up to 120 kg. At the same time, the vine is able to withstand loads of up to 200 kg, and at the same time, it is unpretentious to weather conditions. Rocking chairs from solid wood in most cases are designed for maximum loads up to 150 kg, but they look much more representative and more expensive than the other.

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