An Overview of Recliner Chairs for Older Adults

An Overview of Recliner Chairs for Older Adults

As a rule, an armchair for an elderly person is created only for rest, but modern recliners can provide a truly comfortable pastime. They are transformers in which an elderly person can take several positions (reclining, sitting, half-sitting), and also change the location of the legs. Also, they can be easily controlled by a remote control. A chair for the elderly in an apartment of this type may have several functional differences:

the size;



built-in options;

type of management.

In order to buy a comfortable chair for an elderly person or to make a choice in the online store, you must decide on the type of model. This can be a chair for the elderly in the apartment or for use in the office. Home chairs provide maximum comfort and the opportunity to relax for the elderly. They can be equipped with a massage function or be heated for use in cold rooms.

In addition, you can buy a comfortable chair for an elderly person, which provides the ability to adjust the backrest in height, which gives maximum comfort for work, watching a movie or a spa session. Now some companies are ready to offer more innovative models, for example, an armchair with an aromatherapy regimen or a built-in sofa.

A chair for an elderly person can have several ways of adjustment:

With built-in mechanism, which is located directly in the frame. Here there are two ways to extend the steps: unfolding in the form of a book or a layout from the body like a dolphin mechanism. On its own grounds. This category includes chairs that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. They can also adjust the position of the back, but the advantage of these models is that the elderly person can hold the back and head in the correct position.

With modular mechanism. Most often it is part of the sofa and is installed in its corner part. They are ideal for home theater. A comfortable chair for the elderly can have several ways to activate the footrest:

Mechanical method

Electric drive

Touch sensor

It is better if this chair has a not very deep body, low armrests and a high back. At the same time, the seat should not be too wide, so that the elderly person would not feel pinched in the knee folds. A comfortable chair for the elderly may also have other advanced features. Some of these include:

double shutter, which protects against distortions; ability to install it against the wall; different fixation options; adjustable foot stand. Medicare supplement plans for older adults above 65: Medigap or supplemental plans are popular insurance coverage options offered by private insurers which assist in covering out of pocket expenses. Plan for 2020 and get a medicare supplement plan here

Causes and Treatment of Neck Fracture in Older Adults

Causes and Treatment of Neck Fracture in Older Adults

Between the elbow and shoulder girdle, there is a tubular bone, called the humeral bone. It consists of three sections: the middle section — the diaphysis; the upper and lower sections — the epiphyses. Between the epiphyses and diaphysis emit transitional parts – metaphysis. The upper end of the humerus is spherical. This is the articular head. The narrowing of the bone under the articular head is called the neck of the shoulder. However, fractures in this zone are extremely rare. Fractures are more prone to the area of the bone, which is below the neck of the shoulder, under the large and small tubercles (to which the tendons are attached), called the surgical neck of the shoulder. Find a 2020 supplement plan at

Fractures of the bone in both zones show the same symptoms. Thus, they are united in one group, which bears the name – fractures of the surgical neck of the shoulder.

Indirect shoulder injury (falling on an outstretched arm, elbow, hand) is the most common cause of a neck fracture in the elderly. There is a possibility of similar injuries as a result of direct physical exposure (hit on the shoulder from behind or in front), but the probability of such cases is much lower. The main risk group for a neck fracture is elderly women, which is explained by specific age-related changes in the female body.

Some of these include: osteoporosis and other disorders of the bone structure as a result of climacteric changes in the woman’s body; the degeneration of the metaphysis of the shoulder (increasing the volume of the cavity where the bone marrow is located, by reducing the thickness of the bone wall), resulting from a lack of bone protein in the body.

There are other factors that trigger a fracture of the neck of the shoulder. Among them are the following:

bone tuberculosis;

tumor diseases, metastases;


Any of the above may lead to a fracture even with a slight load on the shoulder.

Treatment: When treating such fractures in older people, surgery is required only in a small percentage of cases. Rehabilitation then takes place in the long term.

During treatment, additional drugs can be prescribed, mainly with calcium content, which improves blood circulation and helps speed up the process of bone accretion. The duration of rehabilitation is determined by how sick the patient feels, how active he/she is. Depending on the condition of the patient, the recovery period may increase significantly.

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The Truth About Vitamin Deficiency in Seniors

The Truth About Vitamin Deficiency in Seniors

According to research, more than 60% of the population in the US regularly intake vitamin supplements.

Elderly folks need vitamins to help preserve health and youth, as well as normalize the body’s metabolism, slow down the aging process, and increase immunity.

However, elderly folks often lack vitamins. The causes include malnutrition and age-related changes in the body, leading to a deterioration in the absorption of beneficial substances.

Various diets, stress, illnesses (for example, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and kidneys), medications (especially antibiotics) and poor ecology exacerbate vitamin deficiencies.

Medical studies conducted in the United States have proven that a lack of vitamins in the body for a long time often leads to serious illnesses and even death.

Avitaminosis in the elderly is now quite rare. More often, old age may be accompanied by a hidden form of vitamin “starvation” (hypovitaminosis).

In hypovitaminosis, an elderly person receives minimum amount of vitamins. This amount is just enough to prevent a more serious condition (avitaminosis), but it will be “not enough” for the normal functioning of body systems.

Vitamins are vital for all human systems and organs, they perform important functions:

normalize the body’s metabolism (including fat);

prevent cardiovascular diseases;

neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, thereby slowing down the oxidative processes in cells and the aging of the body;

increase immunity and resistance to infectious diseases;

help eliminate chronic inflammation;

strengthen memory & the nervous system

An elderly person may be deficient in vitamins for the following reasons:

If there are chronic diseases.

In case of poor absorption of vitamins by the body.

Sluggish current, slow (for any reason) metabolism.

The causes of the “internal” nature may be aggravated by external factors – poor, unbalanced nutrition, excessive intake of unhealthy foods, etc.

To prevent vitamin deficiency, an elderly person should remember to vary their diet on a regular basis & include meat, fish, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and cereals in their diet. However, it is not always possible to satisfy the body’s need for vitamins only with the help of a balanced diet. Therefore, an elderly person may additionally take vitamin supplements as per the recommendation of their doctor, the composition of which is designed specifically for the elderly.

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Stomach Cancer Causes and Diagnosis in Seniors

Stomach Cancer Causes and Diagnosis in Seniors


Age is one of the risk factors for stomach cancer. Basically, the disease may be diagnosed in older people after the age of 55. The average age of this type of cancer is 71 years. The odds of gastric cancer in men are about two times high than in women. In a smoker, the probability of developing stomach cancer is doubled compared to a non-smoker. The fact is that in the process of smoking a part of tobacco smoke enters the stomach, where it damages the cells of the mucous membrane and causes their mutation.

Helicobacter pylori: In most cases, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is harmless to the human body, but in a small percentage of people it can cause stomach ulcers, recurrent bouts of indigestion or chronic inflammation of the gastric membrane (chronic atrophic gastritis). According to studies, these diseases increase the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Nutrition: The presence of a large amount of pickled, salted, smoked food in the diet can contribute to the occurrence of a cancerous tumor. The probability of stomach cancer may increase if the cancer was diagnosed in close relatives – parents, brothers or sisters. In addition, it may be associated with a specific set of genes inherited from the parents.

Oncological diseases. Previously diagnosed cancers might also lead to gastric cancer in older adults. The probability of its development is increased if a person has already been diagnosed with malignant neoplasms of the esophagus, prostate, bladder or testicles (for men), ovaries, mammary glands, cervix (for women). Diagnosis:

Gastroscopy allows to detect the presence of changes in the stomach, visualize the tumor, assess the condition of the affected tissues. When carrying out fluoroscopy of the stomach, a contrast agent is injected into the patient. In the future, an X-ray image shows whether the size or shape of the stomach is changed, the size of the tumor (if any), how much the elasticity of the tissues of the gastric walls is changed, etc.

Ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs and adjacent lymph nodes makes it possible to detect metastases. A laparoscopic examination is possible in case of late diagnosis of gastric cancer in elderly people. This method makes it possible to assess how much the disease has spread, whether neighboring organs are affected and whether metastases have passed to the liver and peritoneum.

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Rocking Chairs for Seniors: What Type of Care Do They Require?

Rocking Chairs for Seniors: What Type of Care Do They Require?

For many people, a rocking chair is associated with home comfort. This piece of furniture helps to relax, and, in addition, has a positive effect on the health of an elderly person. A rocking chair for the elderly can be installed near the fireplace in the living room to spend evenings warming by the fire, or, in the warmer months, taken out on the terrace to enjoy the fresh air. Tips to Take the Proper Care of Your Rocking Chair:

Care mainly depends on what material was used to make the rocking chair as well as the seat frame. There is only one universal rule – it is important to remove dust and dirt from the product in a timely manner. However, in no case should you use chemicals that are likely to damage almost any material. Seats and back, made of cloth, suede, leather can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or wash. To remove more serious dirt, it can be necessary to use a soap. In order to remove stains:

Take two rags.

One of them soap and rub the polluted area.

Wet and wash it with a soap solution.

Rattan chairs do not require any special care. However, it is worth remembering that this furniture loves moisture, if it is constantly dried out, it can crack. The main rule in care will be regular wiping of the rocking chair with a damp cloth, and the dust will be removed and, at the same time, the rattan will be moistened. Such products should not be used near fireplaces or other sources of heat. If, however, an elderly person has a desire to sit in a rocking chair by the fireplace on a cold winter evening, then it is worthwhile to precoat the chair with an additional layer of heat-resistant varnish.

Wooden chairs require the same care as rattan ones. Only to moisturize them is not necessary.

Care of rocking chairs on a metal frame is quite simple, it is enough to wipe them from dust. The main thing is not to use abrasives, as they can damage the protective layer or the surface of the product, this is especially true for stainless steel frames. If you intend to purchase a rocking chair that is made of exotic material, then the rules of care should be clarified immediately before making your purchase. About Medicare Supplements: Medicare advantage plans from United Healthcare can assist seniors in covering additional healthcare expenses for instance co-insurance, deductible, etc.

Reasons for the Occurrence of Gangrene in Elderly People

Reasons for the Occurrence of Gangrene in Elderly People

The process of extinction of individual organs, limbs or body parts is called gangrene. It is primarily manifested by a change in the color of the dying areas from bluish to black. Gangrene may affect the internal organs (intestines, lungs, gallbladder), in addition to upper and lower extremities. The disease can turn deadly if the patient is unable to get medical assistance on time.

Reasons that may lead to the development of gangrene in older adults:

1. Impaired blood circulation in the tissues. The process develops gradually, limbs (leg or hand) are more often affected, dry type of foot gangrene occurs in old age. Factors that lead to disruption of the normal blood supply include:

Improperly applied plaster cast that constricts blood vessels and thereby impairs circulation; Finding a person under heavy objects that compress the body (for example, in case of accidents or accidents); If the arm or leg is too tight for too long, for example, with a medical bandage applied to stop the bleeding.

2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system:

heart disease;




endarteritis obliterans.

3. Infection. If pathogens enter the open wound, gangrene can occur. Particularly elderly people who’re suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases may be at greater risk. Microbes that can cause gangrene are found in the soil:


E. coli;



Clostridia are considered the most dangerous – they provoke the occurrence of gas gangrene and are able to live even in an oxygen-free environment.

4. Burns and frostbite. In case of burns with chemical substances (acids, alkalis), dry gangrene of the foot can occur, for example, in old age.

As a result of such harmful effects, the tissues are destroyed, their blood circulation deteriorates and the inflammatory process begins. Older age and comorbidities weaken the body, and infections easily penetrate into it.

5. Mechanical injuries.

In the event of damage to a large area of tissue, the infection may aggravate the injury.

For the patient, dry gangrene is not dangerous (which cannot be said about wet).

Risk factors for gangrene include:

general weakness;

long stay in a motionless state;


Other factors include somatic diseases, metabolic disorders, obesity, anemia, and severe hypothermia.

The causes of gangrene in legs in old age may be different. Diabetes mellitus is considered to be one of the most common because, in this disease, an elevated level of sugar in the blood causes enormous damage to almost all organs and systems of the body. Medicare Supplement Plans : These plans primarily can go side-by-side with Traditional Part A and B Medicare.

Pancreatitis in Senior Citizens

Pancreatitis in Senior Citizens

Elderly people may experience acute pancreatitis if, in the first place, they feel a pain that is of a different nature in intensity and occur in any part of the abdominal cavity. Sometimes it can be so strong that it causes even painful shock. The pain is of shingles or compressive nature, tingling may occur in the kidneys or liver, and this happens either with periodic attacks or constantly for some time. Its time to consider getting a medicare supplement plans for 2019

The following symptoms may indicate pancreatitis in elderly people: Periodic vomiting in a small amount, which may be accompanied by the release of bile or blood. Paresis of the intestine, which is characterized by severe pain, softness of the abdomen and lack of tension in the muscles. In such cases, it is quite difficult to make a diagnosis.

Coated tongue.

Pale and bluish-colored skin.

The whites of the eyes become yellow.

Frequent pulse, low blood pressure.

Toxic poisoning.

Also, the body temperature of the person may rise, but in the case of a weakened organism, it may remain within the normal range.

Increased body temperature, but in weak patients, it may remain normal.

Resurrection syndrome – the absence of a pulse of the aorta of the abdominal cavity.

Not all people may experience these symptoms. Even if there is pain in the back or lower back, it may not be very pronounced while the person is not sick or vomiting.

Chronic pancreatitis may also begin with pain.

If the symptoms of pancreatitis are similar to an acute illness, it is likely that the diet was disturbed or the body was given excessive physical exertion. In the absence of attacks, the following symptoms may occur:

Weight loss

The patient begins to lose weight due to the fact that they do not produce enzymes that are responsible for digestion and, as a result, don’t get adequate supply of nutrients in their body.

Attacks of nausea and heartburn.

Decreased appetite.

Swollen belly.

Loose stools alternating with constipation.

Pancreatitis in older people may be held in a secretive manner, thus, due to mild symptoms, patients might overlook his/her treatment. However, we should not forget that if the disease progresses, it might hinder the development of the necessary enzymes and hormones. Pancreatitis in the elderly can only be detected by a gastroenterologist. However, it might not be enough to give an accurate forecast of what kind of disease it is simply on a few external signs.

Ultrasound plays a big role in the diagnosis of pancreatitis. It can be used to determine how uneven the organ lobes are, to detect the presence of stones, cysts, seals, as well as dilation of the duct. About Medigap insurance: Older adults who’re 65 and above may consider additional options when it comes to their healthcare coverage such as Medicare supplement plans. They cover expenses like co-pays, deductible, & coinsurance.

Prevention of Pyelonephritis in Senior Citizens

Prevention of Pyelonephritis in Senior Citizens

The following are general recommendations for men and women, the observance of which can help reduce or prevent the risk of complications. Getting rid of bad habits, in particular, from smoking and drinking alcohol. AARP medicare supplement plans are available by visiting

Conduct regular medical examinations to identify and eliminate the foci of infections in the body. It is important to regularly visit a dentist, gastroenterologist, otolaryngologist. The identification and elimination of dental problems, problems with the digestive organs, and ENT diseases will create the necessary obstacles to the entry of infectious agents into the bloodstream, and from there into the kidney structures.

Regular blood and urine tests are the best way to prevent pyelonephritis for all populations at risk, including the elderly. A very important way to prevent kidney disease is to follow the daily regimen, which includes proper rest and sleep. The organism, which is in the stage of exhaustion, is not capable of combating pathogenic microorganisms. It is equally important when carrying out preventive measures to eat correctly and fully. The diet should contain numerous mineral and vitamin complexes that help the immune system to create a barrier for harmful microorganisms.

When carrying out treatment it is necessary that the drugs contain a significant amount of components of natural origin. Adequate intake of water is also equally essential. It helps in the elimination of urine from the kidneys. Personal hygiene is especially important for women. It must be remembered that you should never delay going to the toilet. Long-term untimely emptying of the bladder leads to stagnation of urine in the canals and creates conditions for the growth of bacteria.

In the acute form of the disease, it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible, otherwise, pyelonephritis may become chronic. Urologists and nephrologists do not recommend interrupting the course of antibiotic therapy, since early termination of antibiotics may also contribute to the development of the chronic form of pyelonephritis. For the prevention of acute pyelonephritis in the elderly, the following prescriptions should be followed: Regularly undergoing necessary urine and blood tests. This is especially true for people at risk. Treatment of chronic focal infections, paying attention to the presence of streptococcus in the body.

At the first signs of inflammation of the bladder or urinary canal, you should immediately contact a specialist. We must not forget about the dangers of self-treatment and possible complications. You also need to know about existing infectious diseases that occur without symptoms. About Medicare Supplement Plans for Elderly above the age of 65: Popularly known as supplements, they tend to go side-by-side with Basic Medicare covering things for instance deductible, co-insurance, etc.

How to Select A Toilet Chair for the Elderly?

How to Select A Toilet Chair for the Elderly?

An elderly person often needs to be supported or requires additional support. A folding option on four legs can be comfortable for such cases. In case you choose it for a person with disabilities, it is better to opt for one that has folding armrests. This is comfortable for most elderly folks. They easily allow the person to move from bed to chair and also in the opposite direction.

While purchasing a toilet chair for the elderly, it’s important to take into account the load that it will experience. Conventional models are made with a weight of no more than 120 kg. On the other hand, models that are more robust and with a wide seat can withstand up to 200 kg. For borderline values, like 115 kg, it is better to make a choice in the direction of the reinforced version, which will avoid the deformation of the device and reduce the risk of injury to an elderly person. Find information here Blue Cross Blue Shield medicare advantage plans

Toilet chair for sick and elderly people sometimes contains the ability to adjust the height of the seat. This feature can be key for those who need to maintain balance while sitting. Stability can further be guaranteed in a sitting position if an elderly person places his knees and hips at the same level. In this case, the bend angle should be equal to 90°, and the legs should be quietly placed on the floor.

To determine the most comfortable size of the seat for elderly people with disabilities, you need to calculate the distance between the floor and the thigh of a sitting person. Toilet chair for sick and elderly people has two forms of sanitary cutout: universal round and in the form of a horseshoe for men. A bucket (sanitary container) or a bio-toilet should be placed below the neckline.

Also, pay close attention to how an elderly person feels when using this type of chair. In case of significant changes in the weight, the elderly person might experience some discomfort, as the slot may be unsuitable in size. If it is not wide enough, there may be problems with hygiene. If it is too wide, the person’s feet may slide into it due to the low tone. To buy the right toilet seat for the elderly, it is important to consider a number of factors. For maximum comfort, you should pay attention to chairs that offer a soft armrest and backrest.

Lastly, if the toilet seat is often transported, it is better to buy a folding model that does not take up much space in the car. About Elderly Medicare Supplement Plans: Also mentioned as supplements or Medigap, these plans essential pay for your co-pays, coinsurance, etc.

How to Identify Deficiency of Various Vitamins in the Elderly?

How to Identify Deficiency of Various Vitamins in the Elderly?

Symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency is the elderly: A 2020 medicare advantage plan is available at

reduced visual acuity;

“Night blindness” in the dark time of the day;

accommodation of organs of vision;

eye fatigue at usual loads;


redness of the eyes;

frequent inflammatory eye diseases.

Lack of vitamins of group B is determined by the following features:

B1 – memory impairment, indigestion and stool disorders, fatigue, irritability.

B2 – dry skin, emotional disturbances (depression, apathy, unreasonable anxiety or irritability).

B3 – inflammations on the skin, disorders in the digestive system (gastric or intestinal ulcer and others), pellagra, dementia.

B4 – impaired functioning of the liver and kidneys, frequent bleeding.

B5 – insomnia, instability to stress, acne on the skin.

B6 – the appearance of skin diseases, reduced immunity, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

B7 (Biotin) – deterioration of the skin, hair and nails, dysfunctioning of the nervous system.

B9 (folic acid) – weakening of memory, an elderly person may also experience psychological problems (depression, neurosis, fatigue, sleep disorders, etc.).

B12 – decrease in the quality of cognitive abilities, nervous diseases, anemia, speech defects.

Vitamin C deficiency (ascorbic acid) is manifested as follows:


fast fatiguability;

frequent colds;

pain in the limbs;

bleeding tendency;

the appearance of frequent inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (stomatitis, periodontal disease, etc.);


the formation of ulcers and wounds (most often on the legs) that are difficult to treat;

the appearance of bruises on the skin of the extremities.

Symptoms of vitamin D avitaminosis include:

poor appetite or lack of it;

an elderly person quickly loses weight;

blurred vision;

sleep disorders;

impaired transformation of cartilage to bone tissue (especially in children);

pale skin;


Signs of vitamin E deficiency in senior citizens:


accelerated aging processes;

swelling of body tissues;

weak and underdeveloped muscle tissue;


development of skin diseases (eczema, peeling, and cracks).

Vitamin K deficiency is manifested as follows:

bleeding from scratches, cracks, from mucous membranes – abundant and frequent;

general weakness;

pallor of the skin.

Symptoms of Vitamin F or EFA deficiency (polyunsaturated acids) in the elderly:

developmental delay and growth (especially in childhood);

risk of stroke, heart attack, and vascular atherosclerosis;

development of skin diseases;

cognitive impairment;

elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.

So as to stop vitamin deficiency and prevent complications, an elderly person should receive timely medical care.

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